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Reservoir HR is a startup's source for people operations expertise

We build people operations foundations

We create HR foundations that help your team work smarter, not harder. This upfront investment in solid people programs pays dividends as your team grows. 


The result? You save time and money through efficient recruiting, stronger retention, and a structure poised to scale with you. 

Sample projects:

Recruiting infrastructure and operations

Performance review processes

Engagement survey processes and action plans

Learning & development strategy and action plan

Values creation and roll out

Culture and events planning and strategy

One-off programs (Better Meetings, Increased Vacation Encouragement, Referral Booster programs and more!)


We serve as a fractional HR leader

We drop into your company and serve as a fractional People Ops leader. In small companies, HR talent is often homegrown. We function as an industry resource to help coach, grow, and mentor your in-house People Ops team member(s).

The result?

You get the expertise of a senior People Operations executive without the full-time cost

You invest in the growth and development of your in-house talent, maximizing the value of your current team


We level up your internal communications

Teams waste time combing through ineffective emails and slack messages. In an increasingly digital world, communications matter more than ever before. You can have the best people programs in the world, but if they aren’t communicated effectively, you don’t see the return on that investment. 


How we help: 

We train your team on effective communication. Our approach helps you structure emails and slacks that are frictionless to action, saving your team previous time.

We work with your team to develop internal communication plans for HR initiatives (everything from performance reviews to open enrollment)


Margaret's Impact


"When it comes to HR for growing companies, Margaret's services are unparalleled. She's a dream player for any CEO or senior executive. She excels at understanding the business context, drawing on her decade of HR expertise, and offering solutions that are on point. Moreover, she's a top-notch executor, whether it's leading a project herself or guiding others to achieve results. I'd STRONGLY recommend her to anyone in need of strategic HR guidance."

Ross Goldenberg
Co-Founder, SiteCompli
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