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Why Work With Us


Work smarter, not harder, with your HR

About Margaret

Margaret Dwyer, founder of Reservoir HR, is a People Operations Leader who specializes in building foundational HR programs. Margaret began her career as an actor, and she applies her empathetic lens for the human experience to her HR work. She built the People Ops infrastructure from the ground up at SiteCompli (a 5 time winner of Crain's Best Places to Work in NYC), and led Global HR at JOOR, a 200+ person SaaS company. She is a founding member of TroopHR and CPOHQ, as well as an item-developer for the SHRM certification exam.  


At Reservoir HR, Margaret partners with growing companies to set them up for success with their most valuable investment - their people. She believes that an early focus on people processes pays dividends for organizations that plan to scale. She recognizes that not every startup can invest in a full-time People leader, hence the idea for Reservoir HR: a startup’s source for people operations expertise.

About Margaret

We understand a startup's challenges

You have limited resources (time and money)

You plan to grow, but don't want to lose your culture

You needed to hire yesterday

You worry process will make you bureaucratic

Why Work With Us

Why invest in People Operations?

People foundations will help you work smarter, saving time and money

Solidify your culture by focusing on the way you work together

Improve how you recruit so you can hire better and faster

Simple HR processes facilitate scale (and avoid "HR debt")


Margaret's Impact


"We grew from roughly 50 to almost 150 employees in less than a year, and our small but mighty People Ops team was bursting at the seams. Thankfully, we were able to call Margaret Dwyer to the rescue! Not only did she pass on her startup and rapid scaling expertise, she also provided much-needed mentorship, coaching, and her trademark calm, empathetic positivity to our team. We ended the year more than doubling our revenue and our team size with an engagement score of 96% and almost no turnover -- all in the midst of the "great resignation." We truly couldn't have done it without Margaret."

Tania Luna
Co-Founder, LifeLabs Learning
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